Health IT Market

Founded in the Health IT field, GRSi is built on the critical mission support of the research and healthcare industry—our quality commitment to our clients ultimately enhances and saves lives.


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Project Examples

NIH – GRSi supports some of the largest ICs, providing multi-tier IT services, bioinformatics and application development, scientific computing support, visual media, and unified communications services in support of NIH’s critical research and treatment programs supporting thousands of scientific and administrative users.

CMS – GRSi provides Agile software development and technical services for CMS’ critical enterprise system for the electronic submission of Medical Documentation (esMD) for the healthcare industry and Government partners, leveraging advanced Health IT technologies in support of thousands of users.

Military Medical – For the new state of the art Walter Reed Medical campus, the largest project of its kind, we provided technical and acquisition subject matter expertise, systems integration and installation, testing and certification of over 20,000 pieces of new and refurbished medical IT equipment.


"GRSi provides stellar professional IT support for the scientific mission of the NIDA Intramural Research Program, demonstrating a proven understanding of the unique needs of the NIH scientific community. GRSi subject matter experts have supported our daily IT requirements seamlessly, as well as engaging in special projects … The GRSi staff are not only knowledgeable and great to work with, they anticipate our scientists' needs and provide expert advice on all aspects of IT. "
—Amy Newman, Acting Scientific Director and Senior Investigator, NIH/NIDA/IRP