Seaport-e Quality Assurance

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, it is GRSi's policy and management practice to attain high quality in all of its work products. Every employee is responsible for his/her quality of performance and delivery of results. All are expected to work continually to enhance results, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. All are expected to correct or report any situation in which these standards may be compromised. The organizational structure of GRSi ensures direct access to supervisors and management, which encourages initiative and resourceful problem solving.

GRSi employs a Quality Assurance program that fully complies with all applicable Government acts, standards, regulations, other official guidance, and industry leading practices. We understand the critical requirement of flexibility with the various Seaport-e customers and their unique needs. We will customize this plan for the various task orders, based on task-client input and feedback. The measure of the success of any company is the quality of the products or services it delivers. GRSi owes its successes to the hard work of our personnel, and the strict adherence to an interactive Quality Control Program (QCP). GRSi's QCP institutionalizes quality control processes at the work activity levels and ensures that only the highest quality products and services are delivered to our clients. It creates a set of checks and balances within the Integrated Project Team (IPT) and ensures requirements are met. It includes all members of the IPT (the PM and corporate leadership) for review and surveillance. GRSi's QAP emphasizes the importance of sharing information at all levels. This enables us to share success stories as well as lessons learned. Client and project staff can modify their performance, creating a "chain of continuous process improvement."