Big Data and AI/ML

Big Data & AI/ML

Our data scientists and analysts help clients gain insights into their big data through data engineering, semantic modeling, predictive analytics, and data visualization.


Organizations today want to enable themselves with trusted data-driven insights for decision making.  At GRSi, we work in concert with our clients and other key stakeholders to make fact-based decisions.  GRSi has developed an integrated set of data and analytics expertise, including data engineering and business intelligence, that are required to achieve an organization’s data-driven goals.  We believe that for every transformational initiative, organizations must be equipped with data throughout their enterprise to realize the maximum value of their assets and fundamentally change their business outcomes.

Areas of Expertise

Data Engineering

Build a scalable, high-performance infrastructure for delivering clear business insights from raw data sources

Data Science

Engage in constant interaction with data using advanced mathematics and statistical analysis to identify trends and relations

Data Modeling

Develop conceptual, logical, and physical data models

Data Visualization

Represent data in a visual context by making the inherent trends and patterns in the data explicit

Business Intelligence

Transform data into actionable insights that inform an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions

Data Analytics

Employ data mining algorithms to cleanse the data, evaluate the cleansed data using different evaluation models and software tools, and then determine how to display the results

Palantir / Advanced Analytics Technical Solution (AATS)

Integrating COTS/GOTS solutions and building supplementary modules to enhance enterprise analytics capabilities

Predictive Analytics

Use of advanced analytic techniques that leverage historical data to uncover real-time insights and to predict future events

Artificial Intelligence

Develop algorithms to analyze digital data to work on business problems

Machine Learning

Use data to learn and refine rules over time