Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Our experts facilitate rapid software delivery through modern scaled Agile frameworks and practices.


Organizations today want to implement agile at scale successfully.  They not only want to build the capabilities for delivery teams, but also improve coordination with their IT partners, revise enterprise processes to support agile, and manage change across the enterprise.  At GRSi, we help our clients to optimally adopt agile principles and best practices to achieve greater speed and flexibility while ensuring compliance with their environment and industry standards.  We develop technical solutions that support architectural improvements by communicating and collaborating with stakeholders across the enterprise.  We partner with our clients to adapt to new and changing requirements, and continuously deliver working software, while continually introducing organizational changes by gradually enhancing enterprise processes.

Areas of Expertise

Organizational Change Management

Plan and implement change in organizations to maximize the effectiveness of the change effort

Skills and Competencies Development

Build and execute long-range plans to develop staff skills and competencies for future business needs

Agile Methodologies

Adopt methods and practices to evolve solutions through cross-team collaboration

Adopt and Scale Automation Capabilities

Take advantage of standardized tools and automation to accelerate delivery workflows and to overcome bottlenecks in the delivery process

Implement and Scale DevOps Capabilities

Align application and infrastructure resources to achieve desired business outcomes

Software Product Development

Collaboratively deliver optimum quality software products while adapting to the changing business requirements

Ideation and Conceptualization

Visualize ideas through collaborative focus groups and interviews to document requirements, risks, and assumptions

Architecture and Design

Based on the requirements, create detailed diagrams covering the collection of hardware and software components and their interfaces

Solution Development

Utilize agile practices and best-fit technologies to iteratively and incrementally build solutions that meet client needs and user requirements

Testing and Assurance

In addition to finding and fixing solution defects, establish standards needed to ensure the long-term quality of solutions

Release and Maintenance

Rollout solutions and assist with their adoption while performing ad hoc and scheduled maintenance