Performance Based Logistics

Performance Based Logistics

We deliver full cradle-to-grave supply chain management, lifecycle management, and logistics support for IT systems as well as scientific and medical devices.


Our enterprise lifecycle logistics support services encompass Army medical and Naval intelligence systems deployed worldwide, as well as scientific and IT systems and peripherals for Federal Intelligence, Healthcare, and commercial organizations.

Areas of Expertise

Performance Based Logistics

Proactive Just In Time (JIT) Logistics Management – Logistics, Procurements, Maintenance, Analytics, and Management – with a 98% Monthly Fill Rate and nearly two consecutive CASREP-free years

Supply Chain Management

Practical, lean, and efficient end-to-end Logistics capabilities – Shipping, Receiving, Warehousing, Inventory Management, and Demand Forecasting

Acquisition Management

Strategized procurement capabilities, supporting JIT Modeling, backed by robust documentation and dynamic forecasting analytics

Operator Training and Remote Support

Educationally and occupationally experienced technical trainers supporting CONUS, OCONUS and Remote applied and procedural training sessions

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Managed, scalable and auditable logistics solutions conforming to DoD Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation (PHS&T) Logistics standards, all while ensuring accountability for all customer materials

Medical Device Management

End-to-end lifecycle management for medical equipment in Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) to include quality assurance, initial technical inspection, electrical safety testing, calibration, preventive and corrective maintenance, supply expertise, and material handling

Equipment Planning, Installation, and Disposal

Technical selection and sourcing of equipment for outfitting new Military Medical, Dental and Veterinary facilities. Biomedical technical experts perform the installation and initial inspections and uninstall old equipment and technical condition code for proper disposal