GRSi has been delivering innovations and technical solutions to our clients for more than twenty years. We have developed deep and broad capabilities supporting mission critical needs in the safeguarding of our country, research and development, enterprise systems, tiered IT support and architecture, and enterprise support and modernization for clients in Federal Civilian, Health IT, Defense and Private Sector environments worldwide.

Who We Serve

Our teams support our clients both remotely and “in-place”, from our country’s capital to California, in over 20 states and abroad in several countries, as well as in international waters. We consider our role in supporting our clients both a privilege and an honor. From missions that save lives, improve quality of life, and protect our futures we strive every day to earn our best-value status with our clients and deliver excellence to their critical missions.

Federal Civilian

Federal Civilian customers are under increasing pressure to do more with less, and GRSi has answered the call through streamlined processes, superior customer focus, and innovations that have resulted in culture shifts that have transformed the relationship between contractor, client, and end user.

Health IT

Founded in the Health IT field, GRSi is built on the critical mission support of the research and healthcare industry—our quality commitment to our clients ultimately enhances and saves lives.


GRSi brings more than $100 million in Defense past performance, supporting medical, intelligence, and communications systems for more than a decade.

Private Sector

We have supported Commercial and Private Sector clients for more than a decade, providing broad-spectrum support services to businesses, universities, research organizations, hospitals, not-for-profits, and more.